Short Update

Hi People,
that is one thing someone should not do. Make a blog, write something in it for some days and then no longer write anything.
I’m sorry for not updating my blog soo long, but I definitly want to keep the blog. So look here from time to time, or better subscribe to the blog via RSS.

Well I’m home from my travels, Czech Republic and Poland were very nice. Since the weekend in Vienna between Poland and Czech Republic, I was every Saturday in a different city. First Prague, then Linz (at the Linzer Klangwolke) and yesterday Graz.
But that was it now for some time, the OEBB Summer Ticket is no longer valid and I’m definitly looking forward to the next full weekends in Vienna (of which I only had 1 since the start of my travel).
Maybe next week I’ll write about the cities I visited and some experiences while travelling.

About the SPAM: I hate Spam. You can’t do a Wiki, Bulettin Board or a Blog without someone finding a possibility to SPAM it.
At the moment I also have some problems with my webspace, but I hope that I can next week upload the AntiSPAM Plugin and I hope it does help. For the moment I deleted all the SPAM (I didn’t know that I’m still that good in SQL ­čÖé )

So for the moment, that’s all.