Blogging,Twittering and Studying

Blogging is something I feel I should do more often. In the last months I started reading more and more really good blogs and somehow I think I would like to share thoughts/ideas via this blog (or on my new Twitter Feed), but I’m to lazy for it.
Maybe this is also because English is not my mother tongue and it would maybe be easier to write in German. Don’t really know, will try to find out. For the moment I will blog in English.

Some words about Twitter (that I could not fit into Messages with a maximum lenght of 140 Characters 😉 ):
Some weeks ago I started reading more and more on Twitter and found it very interesting. I especially like the replies to other Tweets, because you find other interesting Twitter Users and the whole thing becomes more dynamic, more like if people would talk to each other in person.
Then I created my own account,and now I’m not sure about how to use it. Maybe I want to do it more often or not. From time to time doesn’t really make sense.

Studying is something that will also use up some time in the next months, because tomorrow the winter term starts at University, so I will be there more often again 🙂
Tomorrow I’ll attend the Beginners Day for Computer Science Students. Not really because I’m a real Beginner (already had 2 semesters to find out how some things work at the University) but more for the social component. Maybe I’m gonna meet someone I know, maybe some new interesting people, let’s see 🙂

Ohh and I changed this blog back to the standard theme because I just realized that the Fast Lane theme hides all the links … stupid theme, even though it looked so nice.