Hello Planet KDE

Finally (2 Months after I wrote “soon”) this is my introductory post to Planet KDE: Hello Planet KDE 🙂

About me

I’m Stefan, living in Vienna (one of the greatest Cities on Earth 😉 ) and I study Computer Science at the Technical University of Vienna. After learning C++ in the Summer Term 2010, I’ve started last Summer developing small features for Amarok. In Winter 2010 we (2 colleagues & me) created libmygpo-qt & the gpodder.net service for Amarok, which was my first bigger Open Source project.

Especially my work on libmygpo-qt and the gpodder Service made me an even more Open Source Enthusiast as before. It was a great collaboration between the gpodder/gpodder.net Developers (both also living in Vienna), Amarok Developers and our Team. During the process of creating a library and the feedback we got, I’ve learned many things (like d-pointer or API/Binary compatibillity) which I didn’t knew before.

Other than my interest in Open Source & trying to get my degree at University, I’m also a CouchSurfer, even though in the last years I don’t host that much, but I’m active in attending & organizing Events in Vienna.

I think for the moment that’s enough for my introduction, I should start packing, because:

10 more hours and I will already be on the Train to Berlin, 3 days of sightseeing, then I will attend the Desktop Summit and afterwards the CCC Camp, soo much looking forward to this nerdy holiday in Berlin, hope to meet many of you there 😉

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