Hello Planet KDE

Finally (2 Months after I wrote “soon”) this is my introductory post to Planet KDE: Hello Planet KDE 🙂

About me

I’m Stefan, living in Vienna (one of the greatest Cities on Earth 😉 ) and I study Computer Science at the Technical University of Vienna. After learning C++ in the Summer Term 2010, I’ve started last Summer developing small features for Amarok. In Winter 2010 we (2 colleagues & me) created libmygpo-qt & the gpodder.net service for Amarok, which was my first bigger Open Source project.

Especially my work on libmygpo-qt and the gpodder Service made me an even more Open Source Enthusiast as before. It was a great collaboration between the gpodder/gpodder.net Developers (both also living in Vienna), Amarok Developers and our Team. During the process of creating a library and the feedback we got, I’ve learned many things (like d-pointer or API/Binary compatibillity) which I didn’t knew before.

Other than my interest in Open Source & trying to get my degree at University, I’m also a CouchSurfer, even though in the last years I don’t host that much, but I’m active in attending & organizing Events in Vienna.

I think for the moment that’s enough for my introduction, I should start packing, because:

10 more hours and I will already be on the Train to Berlin, 3 days of sightseeing, then I will attend the Desktop Summit and afterwards the CCC Camp, soo much looking forward to this nerdy holiday in Berlin, hope to meet many of you there 😉

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2 Replies to “Hello Planet KDE”

  1. Wow! The first post from an Open Source developer studying in Vienna on Planet KDE! 🙂
    So far I’ve only heard from Amarok devs in Graz, but it’s great to see Open Source developers in the whole country.
    In which semester are you currently enrolled (just want to know in which term you learned C++)? How do you like the TU Wien? I’m also thinking about beginning a study there.

    1. Hi Lukas, in October my 7th Semester starts. I did learn C++ in my 4th Semester, in a course “Software Engineering & Project Managment”, where I had to do a project with C++, ZeroC ICE & GTKMM. A great course (and even better from next term onwards as students will use Qt) with a very technical focus. I like the TU Wien and met many great people there. But it is also a hard earned degree and sometimes very “school-like”.

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