Herding sheeps in New Zealand

I would like to, but the title is not what I’m currently doing. But it’s related to something that gave me think again about “the Trip”, about being on the road longer than the 3 weeks I’ve done this summer.

Mid of september I’ve quitted my job, to find a new work, where I can learn more and put my skills to a better use. Some days after sending a e-mail to everyone, telling them that I’ll , a colleague asked me: “What is it? A new job or India?” Funny question, but it gave me to think. The colleague already knew that I want to do a longer trip once in my life, and so she thought maybe this is why I quit. But I told her not this time, for some years I still want to work, but maybe in 2 or 3 years. Thats where my other colleague said: “Why not now? Even I was in the US for 3 months, just flew there with no plan what to do there. Go on a trip, do herd sheeps in New Zealand, fight with beggars in South Africa, …”

These words were like drugs for an ex-addict.

But I think I still want to wait with “the Trip”. But I definitly want to do it. Would be nice to “herd sheeps in New Zealand”, but not now, not this year, not next year. Maybe after that. In the meantime I can do smaller travels and hear all the great stories Couchsurfers tell me.