Random thoughts about injustices

Related to the actual incident all over Austrian News about the Tramway Driver on Line 1 who ended a speech with the Hitler salute:

One Tramwaydriver makes a bad & stupid joke and looses his job and maybe also gets punishment by the law and is all over the news. Somehow I think he is a poor guy, who maybe watched to much Sterman & Grisseman and didn’t realize what the difference between these two and him is.
Why I think he is a poor guy?

Because there are some politicians which say “Ausländer raus!” and other things (or praise the working environment in the third reich) and what do they get for it?
They get a good salary as Nationalrat and when they die they are nearly praised as a Volksheld by a whole Bundesland.

So “Wiederbetätigung” will be punished roughly and Xenophobia not?

Somehow strange all in all, isn’t it? I find the media coverage of this horrible.
I was there, and I didn’t really see that the people where laughing and cheering about this bad joke.
In reality the atmosphere on the last round around the ring, after his speech was very depressing, people talked about him and where trying to find out how he meant it.

I agree with the decision of the Wr. Linien to cancel his contract, but if he get’s punished for it, then I’d like to see much more people get punished for their statements.

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