Release of libmygpo-qt 1.0.7

Dear Blog Readers,

after exactly half a year, a new version of libmygpo-qt is ready.

Changes in v1.0.7:

  • New Config Class. This class allows to programmatically to retrieve the
    libmygpo-qt version and retrieve and set the API endpoint
    (e.g. if you test your software against a private instance of
  • Config Class also allows to set a prefix to the user-agent. Please
    never completely overwrite the user-agent set in libmygpo-qt (instead
    pre/append your own, e.g. via mygpo::Config::setUserAgentPrefix( … ) )
  • fixed a bug that created incomplete Episode Actions if an Episode
    Action couldn’t be parsed completely by libmygpo-qt
  • fixed a small bug with the pkgconfig file (thx to davidsansome)
  • added support for uploading & retrieving flattr Episode Actions to (this allows you to automatically flattr Podcast Episodes
    from any podcatcher that uses libmygpo-qt)

Where to get libmygpo-qt?


Some more important Links for libmygpo-qt:

Project Website:
Git Repository:
Doxygen Documentation: API:
Bug reports:

Want to support libmygpo-qt?

You can support the development of libmygpo-qt you can send me a book via my Amazon Wishlist or donate via paypal to

What is libmygpo-qt?

libmygpo-qt is a Qt/C++ library wrapping the Webservice.
It is currently used in Amarok & Clementine to retrieve a directory of
podcasts & to synchronize podcast subscriptions with

2 Replies to “Release of libmygpo-qt 1.0.7”

  1. Hello.
    I guess a lot of people are like me and are just wondering what IS libmygpo-qt. It’s far from obvious from the name, not better from the blog entry, and once I’ve checked on the homepage and noted that there’s still absolutely no information about what this is, I gave up.

    1. Hi Orzel,
      yeah I think I should put the “What is libmygpo-qt?” section of this blog post up a little bit (atm it is at the end of the blog post).
      But thanks for the hint to put it at the homepage (and maybe also the README file)

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