First 5 days in Poland

I’m currently on day 5 of my trip doing a stopover in Sopot, a very nice city very close to Gdansk. One of my reasons to visit Gdansk was to see the baltic sea. Sopot has a very nice & long sand beach,perfect spot to relax a little bit from sightseeing. So what did I do the last 5 days?

After going out on friday to drink some last beers in Vienna, I packed my bag Saturday in the morning and headed to the train station. After some hours in the train I arrived in Warsaw and a little bit later I was in the flat of my host Kuba. Tania from Portugal made us a great portuguese dinner, many thanks for that.
Some beers with friends of Kuba and a rainy night later, I did go to the “Warsaw Uprising Museum”. It is about Events in World War II, when Poland was invaded & occupied by Germany & Russia. Due to some reason, there was free entry and a very long queue to get into the museum. After visiting this huge museum, I did some sightseeing in Old Town of Warsaw. Looking to find a nice place for dinner and equiped only with a stupid “Lonely Planet” book about Eastern Europe, I decided to go in a very old restaurant at Castle Place. If you are in Poland, try the “Sour Borsch Soup”, really something special.
So after a good meal, I decided to ask the waiter for a nice pub. What a waste of time. He told me to look in the city center (not old town center), there are hundreds of pubs. After walking around that center without finding much, I did go back to Kubas place, to find out that he doesn’t know anything about “hundrds of Pubs” in Warsaw. I don’t know what the waiter was talking about, maybe another city.

On monday I tried to get a reservation for the train to Gdansk, but without luck. Without showing my Euro Domino Ticket, no reservation. Most of the afternoon I spent on preparing and publishing the blog post about Warsaw. Blogging needs more time than I expected, but I think the result is good.
Monday evening, which was my last evening in Warsaw, I met with 2 Colleagues from Work to go out. We did go to a pub directly outside the city walls, called “Kompania Piwna”. Because of the Way, this place and the people there fascinated me, I will soon write a own blog post about it.

Tuesday morning, I packed my stuff to say goodbye to Kuba and Warsaw. Thanks Kuba for the hospitality, if you are ever near Vienna contact me!
After finally getting a reservation to Gdansk )this time without having to show the Euro Domino Pass, now that I had it with me) it was for the wrong train. But that didn’t matter, it was just a slower train and needed 20 minutes longer.
The place on the reservation turned out to be in a smokers compartment. And there were 8 seats, but luckily 3 stayed free the whole time.
After some time without anyone smoking, the first person did take cigarettes out of her bag. But what happens? She goes out of the compartment and smokes outside. Also the other ones. I heard this is usual in Poland, even though there are smoker compartments no one smokes inside them. Also in the restaurant cars it’s not allowed to smoke. And also not in and near bus stations. So in the subject of smoking in public, Poland is much more strict than Austria.
After arriving in Gdansk, I could not get out of amazement. Gdansk has a really different look than the other cities in Poland I know till now. The buildings here look more like in Amsterdam.
In the evening, I took a taxi (due to the lack of a good city map) to my host Inga and Marek. There we had a great vegetarian dinner and looked at the pictures of their trip to Ukraine & Lithuania.

While talking to people from Poland the last days and combining it with what I saw, it looks as if the polish President & Government have a very strange interpretation of Democracy. Especially younger people are not happy about that.

On friday, I’ll go to Szczecin for one night and then to Poznan, where some people already organize a small Couchsurfing Meeting. On Sunday, my trip will take me to the beautiful city of Krakow. That’s all for now, clouds are coming, so I think I’ll finish this entry and leave the beautiful beach of Sopot for some sightseeing in Gdansk.

2 Replies to “First 5 days in Poland”

  1. hello stefan!

    thx for your detail blog. I sit at work, but in 30 mins, i can go home. In the evening we, agnes, beci, tan, kati and I, go to fam. Horjies for dinner.
    Tomorrow I have work form 9-18.00 o`clock and in the evening we, will go to the city of vienn, i show the girls the nightlife of vienna *gg*
    so, now i will do my work.
    I hope you have a nice time.

    lg eli
    PS: where is my postcard ­čÖé

  2. hello, steven, sounds nice, your description, especially of the beach. What’s the weather like, ist it possible to swim? Are you taking pictures? I would like to see them. Good luck on your further trip, we wish you an interesting journey, greetings from mum and the rest of the familiy!


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