Travel Plan Update


due to the fact that I wanted to stay one day longer in Gdansk, I’ve changed my travel plan a little bit.

Here is the new plan:
14.08. Wroclaw
15.08. – 18.08. Krakow
20.08. – 23.08. Ceske Budejovice
23.08. Cesky Krumlov
23.08. – 28.08. Prague
28.08. – 31.08. Brno

One Reply to “Travel Plan Update”

  1. Hello Stefan.

    I┬┤m very happy about your new entry, I think, you would not rite news about your travel! ­čÖé
    Who wirte the other entry, you now the peoples?
    Today I go to the city and make fotos. The last time it so long ago!

    Wish you a nice day,
    lg eli ­čÖé

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